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Moisturizers and Serums

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EPR20 Body Lotion Bottle EPR20 Body Lotion

An elegant body moisturizer that nourishes dry and chafed skin by getting deep into the dermis. Offers healing benefits and a long term reservoir effect by utilizing highly purified Emu oil, glycerin and Vitamin E (U.S.P.).

EPR20 Facial Creme Jar EPR20 Facial Creme

An elegant face and body moisturizer that calms and nourishes dry and chafed skin. Has great deep penetrating capabilities. Contains highly purified Emu oil, Dimethicone and Vitamin E (U.S.P.) to offer healing properties, a long-term reservoir effect of moisturization and a skin protectant. Excellent for use with makeup and as an after-shave balm. 2 oz jar.

EPR96 Serum dropper bottle EPR96 Serum

An exceptional skin lubricant that improves the body’s own healing process. Maintains hydration levels, accelerates healing and keeps scabs and blisters from forming. Loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which the skin craves. Even penetrates to the joints and helps with arthritic pain and discomfort. 1oz glass dropper bottle.


Moisturizers are used to re-hydrate the skin and remedy minor problems.

Problems can be due to numerous variables including allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis, chemical peels, soaps, cleansers, drugs, and even the weather. Advanced dermatology skin care products such as Boost Stem Cell offer excellent anti-wrinkling effects. It also combats chronological skin aging by utilizing peptides that restore all aspects of the skin’s structural integrity.

Our program of moisturizers is quite varied since the category has many needs.

An even broader scope is what each product group can and cannot perform. Therefore, the following should serve as an overview of what products should do for you.

• Basic: offers hydration in the simplest manner. Our products are light and oil-free, to moderate and night crème.

• Nutrients: super potent natural lipids that moisturize and accelerate the body’s ability to heal

• Eye Treatments: ability to exfoliate the sensitive area around the eyes, fight dark circles, offer antioxidants and vitamins to eliminating wrinkles.

• Lipid Recovery: recommended following Microdermabrasion, deep chemical peels or laser resurfacing where the Stratum Corneum protective barrier has been removed and needs to be rebuilt quickly and efficiently.

• Cell Renewal: specific ingredients to help rebuild the dermal layers when over-aggressive treatments or procedures that have been performed too often have dried the skin.

Exfoliation Supplements are available in a variety of forms.

First thing to decide is whether you want a cream, lotion or serum. Creams are thicker, while a lotion contains more water. Serums should be thick but fast penetrating. It is a matter of personal preference. Night creams are richer and thicker and formulated with more lipids and are not to be worn under makeup. A night cream should rehydrate the upper layers of the epidermis by assisting the skin in holding more water. Acne-prone skin can use a moisturizer if there is dryness, flaking, or irritation from acne control products or medications. We would highly recommend oil-free and fragrance-free products. Also, when outdoors, utilize a moisturizing but grease-less sun block.

Competitively Priced Exfoliation Supplement Products

Licensed skin care professionals to Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons know the quality and efficacy of our products. We take great pride in our ability to create high quality, moderate pricing, and highly appealing products that are effective and designed for all skin types. To find out more about our selection of products or to place an order, call us at (800) 922-2883.