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Smooth as Silk Facial Cleanser Bottle Smooth as Silk Facial Cleanser

A gentle and heavenly rich cleanser. Designed for normal, combination and oily sensitive skin, this face cleanser will get rid of dirt while leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

AHA/ Glycolic Anti-Aging Gel Cleanser Bottle AHA/ Glycolic Gel Cleanser

This moisturizing face and body cleanser cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids from sugar cane and fruits assist in exfoliation and improve tone and texture.

Non-Drying Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser Bottle Non-Drying Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser

An extremely mild and soap-less cleanser that will not dry the skin; designed for mature, dry to normal skin types.

Pro-C Antioxidant Cleansing Gel Bottle Pro-C Antioxidant Cleansing Gel

A light and refreshing natural botanical cleansing gel in a multi fruit base enhanced with the powerful free radical scavenger Green Tea Extract and the essential Vitamin C.

Glycerin Cleansing Bar Glycerin Cleansing Bar

A glycerin based bar for sensitive skin; excellent for sensitive skin including Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea. Fragrance-free, dye-free.

Antimicrobial Cleansing Gel Bottle Antimicrobial Cleansing Gel

This is a gentle, super potent, maximum strength acne cleanser with an active medicated cleansing agent to help kill 99.99% of Propioni bacteria found in acne. Alcohol-free so it will not dry the skin. The kill rate lasts from 2 to 4 hours. There is nothing stronger! Perfect for all skin types. Available in different sizes.

Skin Shammy Wash Cloth Skin Shammy Wash Cloth

Our soft and luxurious shammy cloth improves cleansing without harming even the most sensitive skin. Excellent as a washcloth, compression or simply to remove makeup. Travels extremely well rinse clean and can easily be sterilized for months of use.

Skin Freshener Toner + Papaya Bottle Skin Fresh Toner + Papaya

Cleanses and freshens the skin by removing dirt, oils and film lipids from the skin’s surface. Will not affect makeup if you spritz it. Alcohol-free and enhanced with papaya extract.

Skin Freshener Toner + Cucumber Bottle Skin Fresh Toner + Cucumber

Cleanses and freshens the skin by removing dirt, oils and film lipids from the skin’s surface. Will not affect makeup it you spritz over it. Alcohol-free and enhanced with cucumber extract.

Skin Freshener Pads + Papaya Jar Skin Freshener Pads + Papaya

Cleanses and freshens the skin by removing dirt, oils and film lipids from the skin’s surface. Alcohol-free and enhanced with papaya extract. Convenient pads when time is of the essence or you are on the go. (60 ct. pads.)

Skin Freshener Pads + Peach Jar Skin Freshener Pads + Peach

Cleanses and freshens the skin by removing dirt, oils and film lipids from the skin’s surface.

Skin Freshener Pads + Cucumber Jar Skin Freshener Pads + Cucumber

Cleanses and freshens the skin by removing dirt, oils and film lipids from the skin’s surface.

Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Bottle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

An extremely gentle facial exfoliate that will not scratch or scar the skin.


There are Many Different Methods by Which to Cleanse the Skin

The end result, however, is always to remove dirt, oil, and dead cells at the surface of your skin.

There is no standard or “by the book” routine that will work for everyone. This category has multitudes of products, some of which can cause more harm than good. Products can include abrasives, clarifiers, cleansing creams, cleansing lotions, soaps, toners, or astringents.

Something as simple as a “well-known” soap that you may use in the shower or bath can be an irritant. Therefore, it is important to understand your skin, the various types and meaning of cleansers, and what your needs are. Do you have flawless skin, normal skin, mature skin, combination skin, or oily skin? Are you having a flare-up of acne or are there major concerns with on-going acne? Are you dealing with radiation or chemotherapy for cancer treatments? Is your face always dry with patches of flaky skin? Does cold weather or hot weather affect the appearance of your skin?

Once this has been determined, and it can change, you need to find the products that will best handle these specific needs. In order to do so, you need to understand the significance or importance of the ingredients within each product, i.e., is it one of the first ingredients mentioned or one of the last? The most significant ingredient is listed first; the least significant is listed last except in the case of OTC Drugs.

The Type of Cleanser you Need Should be Based on Skin Condition and Skin Type

Numerous variations exist within each product group. Most of them are mild with regard to feel. Yet, that does not guarantee mildness. Therefore, you need to discover the range of products within your skin type and find one that feels comfortable to you and works effectively.

• Abrasives or Scrubs remove dead cells, excess oils and dirt. Most products, including Buf-Puf, are abrasive and can easily damage or scar the skin. Products claiming to be exfoliators should also be smooth in texture. Any graininess can, again, be too irritating or abrasive.

• Clarifiers strip the skin. Many contain acetone or similar ingredients. Even though some physicians like these because it can exfoliate, we do not recommend products containing acetone, which is toxic.

• Cleansing Lotions are traditionally used to remove the oily residue left after applying a cream. Some contain alcohol, which can leave your face drier than you need or want. Try to find a cleansing lotion with no alcohol or as little alcohol as possible. There are a few lotions that add moisture and keep the face from drying out.

Soaps have always been the most popular type of cleanser. They are, however far from the best means to cleanse the skin. Soaps can be very misleading because of the tremendous variety of products, which include “detergent soap bars” and some very irritating ingredients.

• Astringents and Toners do not really “tone” the skin, but rather de-fat the surface of your skin. They effectively remove grease, oil and dirt without leaving any residue. Astringents contain drying alcohol so you may find these too drying, even for oily skin. Most, including Witch Hazel, also contain coal tar derivatives, which can be irritating to some people. These may feel cool on the skin but hey will begin to over-stimulate oil glands within 4-6 weeks of daily use. Toners are milder than astringents, they help the skin feel cool and refreshed while possibly eliminating mild irritations.

Competitive Cleansing Products for Your Skincare Routine

We know that our clients demand exceptional value, without ever compromising on quality. Our team is committed to keeping prices competitive, while at the same time as offering excellent therapeutic skin-care preparations that can really make a difference. To find out more about our products or to place an order, call us at (800) 922-2883.