Dermatologist Recommended Anti-Aging Products Help Improve the Skin

The passage of time leaves its mark on our skin. Over the years, the process of aging causes our skin to break down. The speed of this process will vary from person to person and it will depend on various factors. Nearly everyone wishes that they could reverse the effects of aging and get back the smooth, glowing skin of their youth. With dermatologist recommended anti-aging products, it is possible to rejuvenate and restore healthy skin.

What Happens During the Aging Process?

Accelerated aging of the skin causes a breakdown of key components. These include fibril tissue, collagen, hyaluronic acid and numerous lipids, which weaken and diminish considerably. Everything healthy in our skin is constantly being undermined mainly due to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. The damage will occur intrinsically with age. The greater damage will occur extrinsically due to things we can control. Over time the skin becomes more prone to developing fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, hyper and hypopigmentation, and more.

Anti-Aging Factors of Dermatologist-Recommended Products

Our program was developed by Dr. Esta Kronberg, board certified dermatologist. In 1988 and on the heels of Retin-A® being called the Fountain of Youth, she created a simple core program utilizing the proper cleanser, the proper treatment, and the proper protection to slow down the aging of the skin and to begin to improve some of the damage. As science moved forward, the program expanded to include key ingredients that were medical-grade, non-buffered and both scientifically and medically proven to improve damaged skin to what is now known as ‘skin normalization. Today we offer many anti-aging products. Their importance is based on key ingredients and knowing which forms work and which do not. While some focus on specific vitamins and nutrients, the most important ingredient in a topical treatment is Alpha Hydroxy ‘Glycolic’ Acid. The most important protection product is our ‘Pro-Tect® Sunscreen. Our core program will help the tissue as they nourish the skin, giving it a rejuvenated feel and appearance in a very short period of time. Although it is important to carry a variety of anti-aging products for various issues, it is much more important to carry specific ingredients in those products in order for clients to achieve the greatest benefit in their quest for younger-looking skin and overall condition.