Why Sunscreen is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care Product

Although skin care routines vary from person to person depending on their skin types, one thing that should always remain constant regardless of your age, skin tone or texture-Sunscreen. Dermatologists recommend sunscreen as the number one product people should be wearing on a daily basis. Whether it's incorporated into your moisturizer, foundation or you wear it alone - it is important to make sure you are getting some SPF coverage every day.

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen products with at least SPF 20, which screens out 97% of harmful UV rays. Our Pro-Tect® SPF20 Sunscreen Lotion actually outperforms most sunscreens even up to SPF 85. Protecting your skin with sunscreen every day will help you long term. It will minimize damage and keeps the skin healthy. Everything that is healthy within our skin from antioxidants, vitamins, lipids, collagen, and fibril tissue to the actual skin cells is undermined and destroyed by UV radiation. The body is designed to fight this but it cannot win the fight with continuous issues that undermine the body's ability to fight it.

Benefits of Using Sunscreen

  1. Anti-Aging - Prevents premature aging of the skin and slows down the development of wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Radiant Skin - Helps to maintain an even skin tone by reducing the visibility of redness, blotchiness and other discolorations, i.e. hypo and hyper-pigmentation.
  3. Protects Skin - Prevents the chance of getting sunburnt which could cause peeling, swelling, redness, itching etc.-all of these side-effects take a toll on your skin, causing it to lose resilience and its ability to function normally.
  4. Minimizes the risk of skin cancer - Lowers the risk of developing skin cancers such as melanoma by screening out harmful UV rays and stopping them from penetrating your skin.
  5. Here at A-Cute Derm, we've created a program of higher-quality and greater efficacy SPF skin care products, all formulated to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin from sun damage. Check out our line of dermatologist recommended sunscreen.